Interior Exterior Detail

Interior Exterior Detail

Interior Exterior

Interior Exterior Detail package ON SALE NOW for 50% OFF starting $95 for cars and sedans. Larger vehicles start at $120.


  • door jambs & wheels
  • dust, wipe, & vacuum
  • Interior Treatment
  • wash, dry, & wax
  • tire shine
  • Larger than a Sedan $25 Charge

INTERIOR options:

PLATINUM (original shine) $15 extra

SHOWROOM (hi-gloss) $25 extra

(Treat all plastic, vinyl, and leather with Meguiar’s conditioning treatment with UV blocker)

EXTERIOR options:

DELUXE (clay) $40 extra

SHOWROOM (clay & light-cut polish) $149 extra

Larger vehicles, pet hair, and heavily soiled content cause the price go up.

Interior Exterior Detail $195

Get Now For $95!