Interior Exterior Detail

Interior Exterior Detail
Interior Exterior Detailing Package includes interior vacuuming, dusting, doorjambs, exterior washing, waxing, and all windows.

Interior Exterior

Interior Exterior Detail package ON SALE NOW for 50% OFF starting $95 for cars and sedans. Larger vehicles start at $120.


  • door jambs & wheels
  • dust, wipe, & vacuum
  • Interior Treatment
  • wash, dry, & wax
  • tire shine
  • Larger than a Sedan $25 Charge

INTERIOR options:

PLATINUM (original shine) $15 extra

SHOWROOM (hi-gloss) $25 extra

(Treat all plastic, vinyl, and leather with Meguiar’s conditioning treatment with UV blocker)

EXTERIOR options:

DELUXE (clay) $40 extra

SHOWROOM (clay & light-cut polish) $149 extra

Larger vehicles, pet hair, and heavily soiled content cause the price go up.

Interior Exterior Detail $195

Get Now For $95!