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Bonded Surface Contaminants – These are any type of contaminants that bond themselves to the exterior of vehicles from road travel or tree sap from trees and more.

Surface Correction – Surface correction is a term some detailers love using a lot. It means to correct the surface. Examples: scratches, swirls, rock chips, faded surfaces, etc…

Clay Bath –  Our Clay Bath Service is the same as car claying. In this service, automotive surface clay is used to quickly and easily remove bonded surface contaminants like paint overspray, industrial fallout, tree sap mist, road tar, and more. A clay bath offers longer wax protection as well as a shinier deeper reflecting surface.

Wax – Sealant or type of coating protecting the paint job of your car, acting as a barrier between the paint and the outside world.

Polish – Polish enhances the appearance of your car’s paint job by removing smaller imperfections. Polishing is applied before wax. Wax is applied after to protect the shine created by polishing.