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Custom carpet quote for flooring carpet custom fit for your vehicle.

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To get an accurate quote for custom carpet please provide as much information as possible like the year, make, model, and let us know if you have bench seats or bucket seats.

Our custom automotive carpet kits are custom-molded for your vehicle. Custom carpeting ranges from $95 – $2000 depending on how much carpeting is needed and the complexity of your vehicle and the type of carpeting and whether it is molded or cut and sewn. Wide Variety of Auto Carpet Materials (Cut Pile, Essex Plush Pile, Nylon Loop, 80/20 Loop, Tuxedo).

  • High-quality replacement auto carpet
  • High-Quality Auto Carpet materials
  • Great Custom Vehicle Carpet Prices!
  • Custom Molded Automotive Carpeting
  • Original Molded Fit, Colors and Materials
  • Large selection of Automotive Carpets
  • Vehicle Carpet correctly molded to the actual vehicle Floor Pan
  • Over 70 Color Options to choose from for your automotive carpet
  • Heel Pad is welded to the replacement automobile carpet Unless Specified
  • Matching Auto Accessories Available (Door panels, kick panels, wheel wells, floor mats)
  • Optional Mass Back upgrade on most auto carpets

Mass Back is made of 40mil thick Ethylene-vinyl acetate which gives the carpet a dense rubber backing to reduce heat and noise within your vehicle. The Mass Back is applied to the back of the carpet and then molded to the correct shape. This Mass Back carpet more closely duplicates the original factory materials for many later model OEM carpets. Because this is an upgraded product, there is a surcharge for this backing, as well as additional shipping costs. In most cases jute padding will be included with the carpet, and may or may not be attached to the bottom of the carpet made with Mass Back, depending on the application. Most items listed will specify these details, or you can contact us for more information.

Poly Back carpet, also known as polyethylene backing is an economical replacement option, with a jute padding bonded to the bottom for comfort. The Poly Back carpet is made with the same quality carpet fibers but will have a 1/16th inch plastic, more flexible backing than the Mass Backing. Please note that the fit of the Poly back carpet is the same as the mass back carpet.