Showroom Exterior Detail


Meguiar’s wax applied
windows & mirrors
high-gloss Exterior Trim
Insane Tire-shine


Showroom Exterior detail package includes washing exterior by hand using Meguiar’s foaming car wash shampoo (PH balanced to not strip away pre-existing wax protection), then the exterior is dried by hand using microfiber cloths and air. Carnauba wax is applied and the windows cleaned using tint-safe window cleaner, Insane Tire-shine applied to tires, and High-Gloss protectant applied to exterior trim.

Need heavy-duty cleaning? NO Problem at all! We are more than happy to go above and beyond to get your vehicle to its best point of perfection when you need us to, this will cause the price to increase, an experienced surface care specialist will give you a flat-rate quote before any work begins.

Body Style

sedan or coupe, pickup, mid-size truck regular cab, mid-size truck crew cab, full-size truck regular cab, full-size truck crew cab, compact SUV 2-row, compact SUV 3-row, mid-size SUV 3-row, mid-size SUV 2-row, full-size SUV 3-row, full-size SUV 2-row