About us


We are mobile and bring the car wash and detailing to you at no extra charge anywhere in the fox cities. You can even get a quote right over the phone.


Appleton Car Wash is not just a car wash or the car wash next door but a specialty detailing hand car wash in Appleton, WI that can come to you. Appleton Car Wash offers a wide range of specialty shiny car washing, waxing, polishing, interior cleaning & treatment, shampooing, and more. We also offer aircraft detailing & cleaning at your location. Appleton Car Wash makes a difference!

We Specialize in making your ride look it’s best for any occasion, event, or just for fun. It is in our nature to make your ride or project the actual scene of attraction as we strive to be the best car detailing company you will ever experience because we are that good and have been doing it over 20 years with Meguiar’s which has been around for over 100 years. We are a Meguiar’s Detailer and use nothing but the best Meguiar’s car care products and more. If you would like us to use something different, we are more than happy to and we also carry other brands like Mothers, Black Majic, and other aircraft or marine product brands. Please feel free to tell us what you prefer us to use.


Appleton Car Wash was founded by Charles McBride in 1998 the same year Google went public when it used to be called “Little Charlie’s Aircraft Detailing”, located in Houston, TX. Back then we only detailed small aircraft like Cesnas, leer Jet, and more. We started getting into cleaning and polishing big trucks and their chrome which included everything from washing and detailing to installing chrome kits.

After working with big trucks for a while, customers started bringing RVs, boats, motorcycles, and more. Little Charlies Aircraft Detailing later turned into Charlie’s Detailing and has now become Appleton Car Wash and with over 20 years experience Appleton Car Wash is becoming one of the fastest mobile detailers in Appleton, Wisconsin that specializes in automotive, aircraft, motorcycles, boats, RVs, tractor trucks, and more! If your reading this far we hope you will check us out, make an appointment right now, and give us a shot to make your ride detailed to its best point of perfection.